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There are certain items that you always keep in your vehicle, as they can help you deal with a few different situations. To learn what types of items to keep in your vehicle, read this post that John O Brown in Show Low prepared for you.

Anxiety-inducing as it may seem at times, you never know what could happen, when, or where. One day, you can be driving down the road when all of a sudden, something malfunctions and you have to deal with it effectively. That's why it's a good idea to be as prepared as possible for any situation. To that end, it's recommended that you keep certain items in your vehicle that can get you out of trouble. To learn what those items are, continue reading the post below.

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Items You Should Definitely Have in Your Vehicle

The Necessary Tools and Equipment

Many things can go wrong with your vehicle's functioning when you're out and about: your tire could flatten, you could run out of fuel, your battery could die, among other common vehicular problems. To be prepared to deal with those issues, you will need to keep certain tools and equipment nearby. Aside from having those items in your vehicle, it's important that you verify that they are in good shape (check them every so often). Plus, you should learn how to employ them correctly. This way, they will be ready to go in case they are ever needed. Refer to the following list to learn what tools you should have:
  • a tire iron
  • a spare tire
  • a tire jack
  • a new gas can
  • jumper cables
  • a bottle of coolant
  • reflective triangles
  • a siphon pump

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A Fully Equipped Emergency Kit

Imagine this: you have to stop on the side of the road because your tire got damaged. As you're trying to change it for the spare tire, you cut your finger and you start bleeding. In that case, having a fully equipped emergency kit would be best, so you could treat your injury effectively. Still, in this case, you also need to make sure that your emergency kit is in good shape and fully stocked. If you do end up using any of the items in it, remember to restock it so you don't have to go without it. Your emergency kit should have:
  • medicine (antihistamines, antiseptics, antibiotics, paracetamol, etc.)
  • basic medical equipment (alcohol, band-aids, thermometers, etc.).
  • a fire extinguisher
  • charged cell phone and its charger
  • bottled water and non-perishable foods
  • blankets

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Key Documents and Important Information

Picture this other scenario: you're in a light car accident and even though there weren't any major damages, you still need to call your insurance company to settle the situation. In that and other situations, you will need to have key documents and information in your vehicle. They can be of assistance in a slew of different cases, so be sure to have them there and that they are updated as needed. A few examples of the documents you'll need:
  • insurance papers and information
  • your updated license
  • the vehicle's updated registration
  • the contact information of close friends and family
  • the contact information of a trustworthy mechanic
  • the contact information of the authorities
  • the vehicle's owner's manual

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A Few Miscellaneous Items

Last but most definitely not least, you should also keep a few random and miscellaneous items in your vehicle, as they can be a lifesaver in a few unforeseen situations. Be wary, however, as having these random pieces in your vehicle doesn't mean that you should turn your vehicle into a rolling junkyard. Driving a heavier vehicle can come in the way of your vehicle's performance and even your gas consumption. Plus, a dirty vehicle can be stressful. For ideas of what miscellaneous items to keep:
  • emergency cash
  • tissues
  • a bottle of hand sanitizer
  • extra facemasks
  • an umbrella
  • a lighter
  • a pair of scissors
  • emergency cash
  • batteries
  • a flashlight
  • a change of clothes and a jacket

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