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A well-maintained motorcycle can work smoothly, safely, and effectively for many years. To make sure you extend your motorcycle's lifespan as much as possible, read this post that John O Brown in Show Low has for you. 

Caring for your belongings is the smart thing to do. For example, if you own a motorcycle, caring for it properly and providing the maintenance it requires will help you be a safer rider, have more fun, thrilling, and smoother rides, and it will save you a lot of time, money, and headaches. This is because if you do a good job at keeping your motorcycle in top shape, you can extend its lifespan significantly. This means that you will be able to ride your motorcycle and enjoy it fully for many years to come. However, to extend your motorcycle's life expectancy, you need to be a diligent and responsible motorcycle owner and take some steps to maintain it well. To learn a few tips on how you can extend your motorcycle's lifespan, the post below has a few good ones to share with you.

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How to Maintain Your Motorcycle

Get the Chain Inspected

Your motorcycle needs a chain that's in good condition and well-lubricated, as it is the one responsible for helping the tires turn and get you moving. However, the chain can heat up, wear down, and even become loose. Inspect the chain every so often and fix it or replace it as you see necessary so that you can continue rolling.

Ensure Your Motorcycle is Well-Lubricated

Needless to say, the engine is an important part of your motorcycle. To ensure it continues working perfectly for a long time, you have to lubricate its moving components properly. To that end, you have to replace its synthetic oil every few months. This will decelerate the wear and tear process, ensuring it performs smoothly for years.

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Keep an Eye on the Tires

The tires are crucial to have a smooth, safe, and fun ride on your motorcycle. Still, they have to endure the weight of the motorcycle and the friction on the road. To guarantee you'll continue to have positive experiences on your motorcycle, keep an eye on the tires and verify that they're not deflated or in bad shape. If they are, change them.

Mind the Spark Plug

The spark plug provides the spark that gets the motorcycle powered up and going. However, time and use can also take a toll on its condition and performance. To learn about your particular spark plug, as well as what it needs to continue working as expected, read your owner's manual thoroughly and follow its recommendations.

Wash and Wax Your Motorcycle Regularly

An important part of your motorcycle's maintenance is to mind its cleanliness. If you ride around on a dirty motorcycle, its paint job, performance, and its lifespan will suffer. That's why you should wash and wax your motorcycle regularly so that your motorcycle remains pretty, shiny, and functional.

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Pay Attention to Your Motorcycle

Paying attention to your motorcycle is also key to ensure it continues performing strong and smooth for longer. If you do a good job at noticing weird noises, jumpiness, inconsistencies, and other issues, you'll be able to address them promptly and keep them from becoming a bigger, more annoying, and more expensive problem.

Visit Your Mechanic

Finally, you should make it a point to visit your mechanic on a regular basis. Of course, you should visit a mechanic when you notice something is wrong. However, you should also go to them for routine inspections at least twice a year. They can evaluate the motorcycle's condition and provide the fine-tuning it needs to extend its lifespan.

Your motorcycle can work smoothly, safely, and effectively for many years if you maintain it properly. Call John O Brown at (520) 444-2634 and browse AMSOIL's online shop to place an order on the best products for it, including the top synthetic oil in Show Low.


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