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To stay safe as a motorcycle rider, you should avoid the biggest dangers on the road. To learn what these are, read this post by John O Brown in Show Low.

Road Dangers Motorcyclists Need to Look Out For

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Oncoming Traffic

As you may be aware, to stay safe, you need to avoid getting hit by other vehicles or objects. This means that, obviously, you should beware of oncoming traffic, whether you're riding on a motorcycle or in a vehicle. Nonetheless, you should note that as a motorcyclist, you're more likely to get into wrecks, since you're not as visible as others on the road. If you're ever riding on a street without dividers, you should be on high alert. This is because a distracted driver going in the opposite direction could swerve into your lane. Avoid swerving aggressively to dodge them, as you may end up hitting a vehicle, too.

Turning Vehicles

Vehicles at intersections, that change lanes, or that turn at the corner can be dangerous for motorcycle riders since, once again, the fact they aren't able to be seen as easily could make it more likely that they'll be hit. That's why you should try to drive defensively when you're on your motorcycle. Defensive driving encompasses techniques that help prevent accidents as much as possible. For example, allow more distance between you and the drivers around, and try to understand their intentions, so you can prepare for what they might do.

Sudden Braking

More than once during your riding days, you will be behind a vehicle that will slam on their brakes all of a sudden. Needless to say, this could cause a very dire situation. As you can imagine, you could hit the vehicle in front and even slam your body into it (which is already bad enough). Moreover, upon slamming on your brakes, your front wheel could lock, and you could be thrown out of your motorcycle because of it. To make sure this isn't the case for you, you should look into purchasing anti-lock brakes. Other than that, remember to always pay attention to the road.

Inclement Weather

You can't control the weather; sometimes, when you're riding, you will have to deal with rain, hail, or snow. These conditions won't make riding your motorcycle any easier. In fact, they can put you more at risk, since your motorcycle won't have the same grip on the road, your vision can be compromised, and you will be completely soaked. That's why, if you'll be riding on a rainy or snowy day, you should wear the right gear to keep you warm. If the precipitation becomes too strong, wait somewhere for it to slow down, or avoid riding altogether.

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Debris on the Road

The road may be filled with loose objects that could make controlling your motorcycle all the more difficult. From dead leaves and dirt, to gravel, twigs, and rocks, debris can cause your tires to slip, which can be incredibly risky. That's why, you need to keep your eyes wide open to spot these objects on the road. If you ever come across them, avoid passing over them. If you can't, however, slow down and try not to make any sudden movements as you ride through them, so you won't put your well-being in peril.

Riding Too Fast

For some motorcycle riders, speeding down the road gives them a huge thrill. Still, it should go without saying that speeding down the road isn't the brightest idea, especially if you're on a motorcycle. When you speed, you may be unable to control your motorcycle correctly, your reaction time will be shortened significantly, and the consequences of hitting something may be much more threatening. Go at the suggested speed limit to reach your destination in one piece.

Road Rage

Last but not least, road rage can be very dangerous, both for those experiencing it, as for those near a raging driver. Road rage can lead to mistakes and accidents, which is why, if a driver close to you is raging, you should stay away from them. If you're the one who's angry, however, breathe in deeply so you can calm down and resolve the situation you're raging over wisely.

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