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The American Petroleum Institute sets the minimum standards oil must pass to ensure it will provide adequate protection. One of these standards, the Sequence IIIG Test, subjects oil to 100 hours of use at 302°F- 100° higher than normal operating temperatures- and measures its ability to prevent...
Your vehicle is a complex machine that is made up of a myriad different components. However, most of them wouldn't be able to work properly if it weren't for the fluids they need. To give you a better idea of the vital fluids in your vehicle and how you can maintain them, refer to the post...
Replacing the oil in your engine is one of the best ways to maintain it in perfect working condition and running smooth for a longer time. However, if you want to provide your vehicle with an expert synthetic oil change in Show Low on your own, there are some tips you should consider. To...
If you're someone who enjoys thrilling rides and adventure, then it's likely that you own a motorcycle. However, if you want your trusty metal steed to continue providing those enjoyable rides you seek, you need to give it proper maintenance. For a better idea of how to take care of your...
Having a vehicle isn't just about hopping on it and driving away. In fact, being a good driver and a responsible vehicle owner entails a few different things that you should comply with if you want to have safe, untroubled drives. To help you out in this department, the following post will share...
When it comes to your vehicle's maintenance, you can never be too careful. After all, you and your passengers put your safety in your vehicle's metaphorical "hands", and you rely on it to save time and effort on your transportations. This is also why it's crucial to be informed about the...

Improve Your Engine's Performance with Synthetic Oil

To keep up with the advances in automotive technology, AMSOIL are constantly evolving and developing quality synthetic oils to help protect your engine. Whilst you may have grown up with conventional oil as your go-to oil, in this...
Being safe should be priority number 1 when you're riding on your motorcycle. After all, if you want to enjoy your rides fully, you should make sure that you'll be able to get off your motorcycle unharmed. For a few tips on how you can continue riding your motorcycle and minimize risks while on...

Prepare Your Boat for the Summer

The summer season provides the perfect weather to take your boat out for a fun time. Now that the winter weather is fully gone, it's time to prepare your boat for the summer months. Don't take your boat out before performing some regular seasonal maintenance on...
Maintaining your vehicle in as perfect condition as possible is in your best interest. After all, neglecting to do this can be a bad financial move on your part. With this in mind, this post will share some advice that you can follow if you want to keep your vehicle in top shape for longer.



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