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Ensuring your safety should be a priority if you're a motorcycle rider. To that end, read this post by John O Brown in Show Low to learn what to check in your motorcycle before each time you ride.

What to Check on Your Motorcycle Before Each Ride

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The Fuel

Before you even try to step out on your motorcycle, check the fuel levels on it. After all, you won't be able to go very far without a properly fueled motorcycle. Moreover, running on an empty tank can actually be very detrimental to your motorcycle's condition, since the sludge at the bottom of the tank will cruise freely through the system, damaging it as it goes. So, keep an eye on the fuel gauge, and stop by the gas station if needed so you can cruise without a worry.

The Tires

Of course, if the whole idea is to roll through town on your motorcycle, you need to check what you'll be rolling on: the tires. As you may be aware, they need to be in great shape so you can ride smoothly and safely (i.e., not have any signs of damage and be properly inflated). If upon your inspection, you notice something isn't how it's supposed to be, repair or replace the tires before you head out, so you don't risk your safety.

The Lights

Vision is probably the most important sense you use when you're on your motorcycle. That's why, it's crucial that you can see and that you are seen while you're on it if you want to have enjoyable and safe rides. To that end, check that your lights work correctly prior to your ride. Check the headlights, the brake lights, and more, so you can be certain they'll be working as intended. If any one is faulty, change it promptly.

The Chain

Depending on the type of motorcycle you own, you may have a chain to look after as well. The chain is responsible for transporting energy from the engine to the rear wheel, allowing you to move. Still, for it to perform its job as desired, it needs to be clean, lubricated, have the right tension, and generally be in great condition. Make sure that the chain in your motorcycle has all of these characteristics so you can guarantee a much smoother ride.

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Its Drivability

One thing you can do if you want to be completely certain that you won't run into trouble when you're speeding down the road, is to take your motorcycle for a test drive beforehand. Take a quick spin around the neighborhood (or another safe spot) and notice its drivability. While you're at it, ask yourself if everything is working as usual, if you feel like the engine is strong, if you're able to steer as intended, if the brakes are responding adequately, and more. Take note of anything that's off, so that you can address those problems before you head down the road.

Your Gear

Yes, you should check your motorcycle. But you should also check that the gear you'll be riding your motorcycle in is also in proper condition. After all, you need all of the help you can get so your body is as protected as possible if you're ever in an accident. That's why, as part of your pre-riding routine, check that your helmet, your jacket, your gloves, and other protective gear you may don, will be able to keep you safe. Tied to this point, don't ever, ever ride without the appropriate gear.

Any Issues

Needless to say, the whole inspection round is meant to help you notice any issues with your motorcycle before you ride it. However, there may be some that weren't mentioned here that you should still look out for. For example, ensure that the motorcycle's fluids aren't leaking, since this could be very troubling. If you happen to find anything, take your motorcycle to a professional mechanic who can fix the issue expertly.

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