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When it comes to your vehicle's maintenance, you can never be too careful. After all, you and your passengers put your safety in your vehicle's metaphorical "hands", and you rely on it to save time and effort on your transportations. This is also why it's crucial to be informed about the different options you have when it comes to your vehicle's upkeep. For example, you have a choice between synthetic oils and regular/conventional oils to lubricate your engine. While there's much debate about the difference between the two, and the benefits that each can provide, in this post we'd like to go over the reasons why you should consider using synthetic oils. You can read through them thoroughly, and decide if synthetic oils in Pinetop-Lakeside represent the best alternative for you and your vehicle.

Benefits of Using the Best Synthetic Oil in Pinetop-Lakeside

Higher Viscosity Index

Basically, this means that synthetic oils have a different consistency from regular oils. As you can imagine, this translates in synthetic oils providing a superior protective layer and lubrication for you engine and its components.

Better Shear Stability

Tied up to the point above, the shear stability index measures the rate at which the viscosity in the oil changes when submitted to extreme temperatures. Synthetic oils have a high shear stability index, which makes them less susceptible to those conditions.

Resistance to Oxidation

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, synthetic oils are more resistant to oxidation and degradation. The former happens when the oil mixes with oxygen, which leads to sediment, sludge, and other residue. Synthetic oils have less oxidation and leave no residue.

Heat Transference

Not keeping your engine properly lubricated can also lead to an overheated vehicle. Synthetic oils can transfer heat better, which results in your vehicle's engine running cooler.

Less Residue

It's important to note the difference in how both of these oils are made, and how that can affect your vehicle. Regular oils are made from crude oil and mixed with other chemicals, which results in pollutants in your vehicle. Synthetic oils are made from alcohol or natural gas, which leaves no residues behind.

Minimized Friction

One of the reasons why you pour oil into your vehicle is to minimize the friction that takes place when the components in your engine move and brush against each other. With time, this can wear down the parts, but synthetic oils prevent this from happening.

Economic Choice

While at first glance regular oils may seem cheaper, the protection synthetic oils provide and their resistance to harsh conditions make it the better investment. Plus, they can increase your fuel efficiency and lower the upkeep costs for your vehicle.

Greener Option

As mentioned above, synthetic oils are more resistant to changes than their conventional counterparts. Moreover, they also leave less residue in your vehicle. This means that they don't have to be drained or changed as often, which makes them the greener option of the two.

Improved Performance

Think about it: if your vehicle's engine has better lubrication and reduced friction, it'll run a lot smoother, thus also improving its overall performance and increasing its horsepower. Using synthetic oils can ensure that your vehicle will drive to its fullest capacity.

Best Maintenance

Finally, you can count on synthetic oil in Pinetop-Lakeside to provide the best maintenance for your engine. With time, this can also have a positive impact on your vehicle's (and its components') life expectancy.

Call John O Brown to Acquire the Most Effective Synthetic Oil in Pinetop-Lakeside

If after reading the reasons posted above, you've decided that synthetic oils are the right choice for you and your vehicle, turn to AMSOIL and their high-quality products. Their synthetic oil in Pinetop-Lakeside can provide the protection your engine requires to run smoothly and to its fullest capacity. Plus, it can also ensure that your vehicle will be properly maintained and in the best shape possible. Moreover, you can browse through AMSOIL's catalogue and discover the wide variety of top-of-the-line products that they offer for every type of vehicle: from a truck, to a motorcycle, to a small engine and a marine outboard, among others. AMSOIL's got you covered when it comes to providing the required upkeep for your vehicle. If you'd like more information on the benefits that using AMSOIL products and their synthetic oil in Pinetop-Lakeside can bring, please contact John O Brown, a certified AMSOIL dealer in Flagstaff, by calling (520) 444-2634. He can also let you know of different products AMSOIL has to offer, and how they can save you time and money on your vehicle's maintenance.

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