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There are several myths surrounding synthetic oil. In this post by John O Brown in Show Low, we'll debunk a few of them and explain what's really going on.

The Truth Behind Synthetic Oil Stories

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You Have to Break in Your Engine With Conventional Oil

This first myth states that to use synthetic oil in your vehicle, you need to first use conventional oil so that the engine can be broken in. The reason behind this myth, is that older models did require this, because the conventional oil could remove the abrasive materials it released. However, it is completely safe to start using synthetic oil from the get-go in modern vehicles.

Synthetic Oil is Completely Man-made

There's also the rumor that synthetic oil is completely man-made in a lab. Nonetheless, people say this because the synthetic oil has to go through a very strict purification process to make it the best quality for your engine. Still, at the end of the day, synthetic oil comes from natural oil, just as conventional oil does. It just goes through a very different process after it's extracted.

The Vehicle’s Warranty Will Be Voided

If you recently bought a vehicle, you could be worried that the use of synthetic oil will result in your warranty being voided. Nonetheless, this is far from the truth. If you take good care of your vehicle and follow the manufacturer's requirements, you shouldn't have any problems with its warranty. You can also rest-assured knowing that some brand new vehicles come with synthetic oil already in them.

Synthetic Oil Causes Leaks

This next myth is a little bit out there, but there's people who believe it. If your vehicle leaks oil, it's not because synthetic oil caused it; it's because the engine already had a crack or a damaged component. The difference is that conventional oil is thicker, which means it may not leak through said crack. Synthetic oil, as the thinner counterpart, is more likely to slip through those existing cracks and leak. In any case, you should provide maintenance to your engine.

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You Can Never Switch Back

People have different expectations and preferences regarding every single thing. Some, after trying synthetic oil for a while, may prefer coating their engine with conventional oil. A common misconception, however, is that they can't; that once they use synthetic oil, they can never switch back. This is erroneous information. As long as the oil you use meets your manufacturer's requirements, you can switch whenever.

You Don't Need to Replace It

Changing the oil in your engine is one of the most important maintenance tasks that you have to go through if you want a strong and powerful engine for longer. This rule of thumb is the same, no matter what oil you use for your vehicle. The difference is that with synthetic oil, the replacement intervals will be further apart, since it's more resistant than conventional oil.

You Don't Need to Change the Filter

Much like you need to change the oil in your vehicle with some regularity, you also need to replace the oil filter every so often. As you may be aware, the filter is the one responsible for catching debris, filth, and gunk, and keeping it from reaching the engine. This means that even if you do a good job at keeping up with the oil's replacements, using the same old and dirty filter will completely defeat the purpose of doing so.

Synthetic Oil is Way Too Expensive

This last myth is a bit harder to debunk, because it's true. You can see it in the store: synthetic oil has a higher price point than the blends or conventional oils that exist in the market. However, while the initial cost is higher, using synthetic oil can actually save you a lot of money. This is because it does a superior job at keeping your engine in mint condition. This translates into less waste (both in money and gas) when you're cruising around. Plus, since the engine will be properly protected and lubricated, you won't have to spend as much money on the its maintenance.  And, as stated above, synthetic oil doesn't have to be changed as frequently, which will also save you a ton of money.

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