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Your engine works really hard to get you to your destination: it endures the friction of its components, the weight of the car, and more. But there are times, like during summer, that it also needs to fight off the heat outside. With all of this piling up, it's no wonder that it may overheat from time to time. Still, if you notice that the needle in the temperature gauge is moving, follow the tips below to deal with the situation appropriately.

What to Do if Your Car Overheats

  1. If your car has overheated in the past, keep coolant or a gallon of water in your vehicle, so you can help it lower its temperature. Just remember that water is only a temporary solution.
  2. The moment you see that your car is getting hot, start taking preventive measures to keep the situation from getting worse. For instance, turn the AC off and roll your windows down. If that doesn't work, you'll have to turn the heater on to help the engine cool down.
  3. If your engine is overheating and you're stuck in traffic, try parking it or putting it in "Neutral". Going at a slower, steady peace will also give your vehicle the chance to rest and cool off.
  4. Pull over to the side of the road the first chance you get. Turn off your car and open up the hood to ventilate the engine. After about 30 minutes, pour the water/coolant into the reservoir (if empty).
  5. The last step is getting your vehicle to a mechanic that can assess its condition, fine-tune it, and give you further guidance on how to treat your vehicle so it doesn't overheat on you again.

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Your vehicle needs a little extra help during the summer to withstand the extreme temperatures, so feed it AMSOIL's synthetic oil in Show Low to keep its engine protected and cool. Call John Brown AMSOIL in Show Low if you'd like more information on how AMSOIL can save you time and money.

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