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If you drive a powerful vehicle, you need to change its gear lube every so often to ensure it remains in top working condition. To learn the telling signs that let you know it's time for new oil, read this post by John O Brown in Show Low.

Do you drive a truck around? Or do you drive a vehicle that carries heavy items around? If you own and/or drive a powerful vehicle, then you're probably familiar with gear lube, which is meant to provide protection and lubrication to transmissions, differentials, and transfer cases. This will coat those components, help them perform smoothly, and reduce their wear and tear process. Still, after some time and use, gear lube can be rendered useless, meaning that it won't be able to provide the protection and lubrication your gearbox requires. This is why you need to change it every so often. If you're unsure of when it's time for some new gear lube, do not panic. This post will help you out by telling you the signs that it needs to be replaced. This way, you'll be able to keep your vehicle and machinery powerful as always.

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When to Change the Gear Lube

The Gearbox is Acting a Bit Strange

To understand this first sign, you first need to pay attention to your vehicle on a regular basis, so that you can notice whenever it's not behaving as usual. This way you will be able to tell quickly if the gearbox is acting a bit strange (for example, it's noisy even in neutral, it's jumpy, or it's nor working as it should be). If you notice these, be quick about providing new gear lube to see if that fixes the issues.

The 'Check Engine' Sign on the Dashboard is On

It can't get any clearer than this: if the dashboard is telling you that you need new gear oil, then you should get to it. You will be able to tell if that's the case if you see that the 'Check Engine' sign is lighting up. Though this can mean a couple of different things (that the engine needs new synthetic oil, for example), it can also refer to the gear lube. Provide a gear lube change and see if that turns the light off. If it doesn't, visit your mechanic.

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It's Not at the Required Levels

The gear lube does the crucial job of maintaining key components in your vehicle in top shape. However, for it to meet those expectations, it needs to be at the required levels. For that reason, you should perform a dipstick test every few months. If upon your evaluation, you notice the gear lube is low, top it off immediately so that it can continue lubricating and protecting those components. While you're at it, check for leaks and fix them promptly if you find any.

You've Driven for X Number of Miles on the Same Lube

While this next sign is a little vague, it still holds truth to it: you have to change your gear lube after you've driven a certain number of miles on the same one. Of course, you need to know a more specific number of miles, but this number depends on different factors (like the vehicle's condition, usage, etc.). To that end, it's recommended that you check your owner's manual or with your mechanic, so they can give you accurate and more specific information.

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The Lube is Dirty, Dark, and Coarse

Finally, one incredibly important sign that you have to replace your vehicle's gear lube is if the current gear lube is dirty. Once again, it's recommended that you do regular inspections on the gear lube. If through one of them, you see that the lube is now darker and coarser, this means it's dirty. Dirty lube can wreak havoc on the components, so be sure to change it soon. Likewise, change the filter to have a clean system.

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