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With spring here, you probably already started giving your home a good spring cleaning and maintenance. However, if you want your garden to look perfect, you'll need to have a working lawn mower that can perform efficiently. To that end, the following post has a few tips you can follow if you want to provide proper maintenance for your lawn mower.

How to Provide Proper Maintenance for Your Lawn Mower with the Help of the Synthetic Oil Experts in Flagstaff

Learn More About Your Lawn Mower

For starters, you need to understand that to actually provide the proper maintenance for your lawn mower, you need to know a bit more about how it works. For that reason, we suggest you read your owner's manual to find out more about its parts and their needs.

Maintain It with the Best Products

As do all other vehicles, your lawn mower requires certain products in order to ensure an effective performance. However, if you want to keep your lawn mower in the best shape, you should only use the best products for it, such as AMSOIL 100% synthetic oil in Flagstaff.

Get Rid of the Old, Stale Fuel

With winter barely over, it's likely that you didn't use your lawn mower much for a few months. That means that before you use it again, you must drain out all of the fuel that was left over from the last time you used it. This way, you won't have problems starting your mower.

Provide a Synthetic Oil Change in Flagstaff

Your lawn mower works in large part due to the engine. That means that if you want to have a functional lawn mower, you need to take care of it. To that end, remember to switch out the synthetic oil whenever it's required, so your engine won't be affected by the friction that goes on within in. Remember that if your lawn mower requires a synthetic oil change, you can count on John O Brown in Flagstaff to provide top quality oil, such as AMSOIL 100% synthetic lubricants. Call (520) 444-2634 for more information on their products and their benefits.

Clean Out the Grass in the Undercarriage Thoroughly

Sometimes, grass clippings and other gunk can get stuck in your lawn mower's undercarriage, which can keep it from doing a good job. That's why, if you want to have an evenly-mowed lawn, you first need to clean the undercarriage out with a wire brush or hose. However, before you do, remember to take the spark plug off.

Replace the Air Filters when Necessary

As you can guess by its name, the air filter is a handy component that helps you keep any dirt or filth from your entering your lawn mower. Still, after a while, it may become too cluttered to do its job, which can hurt your mower's performance. That's why it's very important that you change it regularly.

Don't Overlook the Spark Plug

Your lawn mower has a spark plug, that's basically what gives it the power to start. Still, for the spark plug to work efficiently, it needs to be inspected and maintained properly. For more information on what to do and when regarding the spark plug, check your owner's manual.

Sharpen the Blades if Necessary

Knifes, scissors, and other sharp objects lose their edge after some time and use. The same thing happens to your lawn mower's blades. If you can tell that your lawn mower isn't cutting the grass effectively, take it to a mechanic who can sharpen the blades safely.

Know When It's Having Issues

Pay attention to your lawn mower so you can be aware when something is off with it. Doing so will give you a chance to deal with those problems early on, before they become an even bigger issue that could be more troubling.

Take It to a Professional Regularly

As a last tip, we recommend taking your lawn mower to a professional mechanic on a regular basis. Routine inspections can be the best way to ensure that it will continue to work seamlessly in the near future.

If You're Looking for the Best Synthetic Oil in Flagstaff...

Whether your vehicle is a car, a truck, or a small engine, you can rest assured that AMSOIL has the product it needs to stay in top shape. If you'd like to learn more about these products and how they can save you time and money, call John O Brown in Flagstaff at (520) 444-2634. You're also welcomed to check out their online store if you'd like to purchase the best synthetic oil change in Flagstaff!

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