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Making a trip during your vacation is a great idea to take advantage of this summer, however performing a quick inspection before hitting the road is crucial to prevent any malfunctions that can get you stranded. For this reason at JohnBrown AMSOIL in Show Low, we would like to tell you more about some of the most common reasons for car breakdowns.

These are Some of the Most Common Mechanical Failures

Low Battery

Checking the condition of your battery is relatively difficult, however dim lights or having difficulties to start you vehicle are some red flags that you shouldn't overlook. You should also replace the battery every 3 years and be sure to have jumper cables in your car.

Tyre Problems

Inflate your tires according to their specifications and look out for excessive wear. If you have a flat tire, make sure to be in a safe place away from the traffic. Remember to have a car jack and the right tools in your trunk to change a tire and also check the condition of your spare.

Engine Overheating

Remember that the high temperatures can also have a negative impact on your engine performance. Keep in mind that motor oil is responsable for keeping  the moving parts of the enginelubricated and prevent overheating. Change your oil according to your vehicle's maintenance schedule, and don't forget to inspect the coolant levels. These are just some of the most common problems that can get in the way of a perfect vacation, so remember to check these details before leaving your home. Also, follow the specifications in your owner's manual and the suggested maintenance schedule.

Synthetic Oil in Show Low

Synthetic oils have many advantages over conventional oils, as they reduce engine wear more efficiently while improving your vehicle's performance. If you are looking for synthetic oil in Show Low, think about JohnBrown AMSOIL , where you will find the product you need. Call (520) 444-2634 or visit our website to place an order.

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