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Riding on a personal watercraft during the summer months can be an exciting adventure. If you want it to be a safe and smooth adventure, too, read this post that John O Brown in Show Low has put together for you. 

One awesome way to spend a hot summer day is to ride around on a personal watercraft, feeling the cool breeze and experiencing all kinds of thrills and excitement. Still, fun as it can be, you should remember that riding a personal watercraft can be dangerous and that you should be careful if you want to have a positive and fun day out. To learn basic tips on how you can have a safe and enjoyable ride on your marine engine, continue reading the post below.

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How to Have Safe and Enjoyable Rides on a Personal Watercraft

Learn to Ride Your Watercraft

First of all, you need to learn how to ride your personal watercraft if you want to have a smooth and safe ride. To that end, you should look to your owner's manual, take riding classes, and go on shorter, safer rides before you hit the waves completely.

Don't Forget to Follow the Rules

Rules are there to protect you and the other riders on the water, which is why you should follow them exactly. Before you ride, you should be aware of the rules, the navigation signs, what's allowed and isn't, and other similar regulations that can keep you out of trouble as you ride.

Never Go Without a Life Jacket

Even if you are the best swimmer there is out there, you should wear a life jacket when riding your marine engine - always. You never know what could happen on the watercraft and what kind of accident you could have. A life jacket can literally save you. Your passengers should always wear one too.

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Never Ride High or Drunk

If it's a bad idea to do it on your vehicle, it's a bad idea to do it on a watercraft. Being high or drunk means that your judgment, senses, and motor functions are seriously diminished. You should never ride your marine vehicle while high or drunk if you want to avoid a potentially fatal accident.

Do a Quick Inspection Before Riding

One thing you should always do before you ride your personal watercraft is doing a quick inspection. This way, you can guarantee that the main components work as expected before you hit the waves. Notice anything odd (be it weird sounds, behavior, or appearance-wise), and don't ride until that is fixed.

Maintain the Watercraft Perfectly

Speaking of getting your vehicle fixed, you should take it to a mechanic regularly (especially after it's been in storage for months or if you notice something strange with it). They will be able to take a look at the components and provide the maintenance it requires so you can have smooth and safe rides on it for longer.

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Learn to React to Other Vessels

Likely, you won't be the only marine vehicle on the water. If you want to avoid an accident, you need to learn to react to other vessels appropriately. For example, if you spot a larger boat on your way, let it pass first and stay at a safe distance from it. Research this topic more so you can be ready.

Keep Safety Tools With You

You never know what could happen when you're riding out on the water, so your best bet is to prepare for any situation. To that end, you should have and learn to use safety tools that are in good condition. For example, you may need a whistle, flashlight, communication device, and a fully-equipped first-aid kit.

Don't Leave Your Common Sense

Lastly, you should never forget to bring your common sense with you when you're on your marine engine. So basically, anything that seems reckless and dangerous, you shouldn't do. For instance, don't speed, don't do stunts, don't ride when the weather is bad, don't let children drive, and other similar situations.

Ride your personal watercraft safely this summer. Call John O Brown at (520) 444-2634 and browse AMSOIL's online shop to place an order on the top products for your marine engine's maintenance, including the top synthetic oil in Show Low.


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