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A quick inspection on your vehicle before you hit the road can help you have more enjoyable and safe drives. For tips on what you should look into during your inspection, read this post by John O Brown in Show Low.

A malfunctioning vehicle can not only be incredibly stressful, but it can also put you in a dangerous situation. That's why, before you head out in your vehicle, you should perform a quick inspection on it. A quick inspection will help you verify that the main components in your vehicle are working as expected, and that they will get you to your destination in a smooth and safe way. To learn what you should look into in your vehicle during your quick inspection, the post below will give you some pointers that you can go after.

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What to Check on Your Vehicle Before Driving Away

Your Visibility

It should go without saying, but if you can't see or be seen as you're driving down the road, you put yourself and others in an incredibly dangerous situation. That's why you should check your visibility before heading out. To that end:
  • adjust the mirrors in your vehicle (rear and side) so that you can look out of them easily as you drive.
  • check that the windshield and windows aren't blocked with gunk, dirt, filth, or other interference.
  • do a quick inspection on the blinkers, headlights, hazards, and brake lights, to make sure that you can see, and that others on the road can see you, too.

Its Emergency Tools

You never know when an emergency may arise (be it an injury, a car wreck, a vehicular malfunction, and more). That's why, it's always important that you have certain safety tools with you as you drive around. That's why part of your inspection should include checking that you have all of your emergency tools with you (like the spare tire, a tire jack, a full first aid kit, the jumper cables, among other similar items). Moreover, you should check that these tools are in good condition in case they're needed during your drives.

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Your Vehicle's Condition

Needless to say, your vehicle should be in top working shape to guarantee you'll have smooth and safe drives. Of course, you should take it to a professional mechanic around twice a year to make sure that it does. Still, it's smart to do a quick inspection on its condition in case you notice anything before you leave. While you do, you should check:
  • leaks under your vehicle. In case you see anything, go to a mechanic to address the issue promptly.
  • the tires and their condition. This way, you can verify they're not deflated, too worn down, or flattened.
  • the vehicle's dashboard, since it can tell you if there are any problems with the vehicle that you should look into.

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Your Belongings

It has happened to all of us: you get all the way to your destination, only to realize that you left something important all the way back.  While. this doesn't have to do with your vehicle per se, if you want to have smoother rides, check that you have your belongings before you leave. The first things to check would be your phone, wallet, and keys. Other than that, before you leave, think about where you're going and if you'll need anything while you're there.

Your Comfort

Last but not least, think about your comfort. Not only will this make your drives more enjoyable, but it can also have an impact on your safety, too. To that end, you should pay attention to the following:
  • adjust the seat to your height, so you can reach the pedals safely and easily.
  • while we're on the subject of the seat, modify the headrest and back to make it more ergonomic.
  • move the steering wheel around, so that you can grab it firmly without getting your arms tired.
  • finally, a crucial step to follow is that of making sure your seatbelt is straight, clasps properly, and fits you comfortably.

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