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Feeding your vehicle with a new AMSOIL motor oil and replacing its oil filter is essential to keep it top condition. To learn how you can do it on your own, continue reading the post below.

How to Replace the Synthetic Motor Oil and Oil Filter in Your Vehicle

Replacing the motor oil and oil filter in your engine on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do for its maintenance if you want keep it working perfectly for longer. Luckily, it is a fairly simple task to get through, and you can do it on your own if you follow the tips presented to you in this post.

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Refer to the Owner's Manual

One thing that can't be stated enough, is that this tutorial is only meant to provide general guidance in your venture to changing your vehicle's motor oil and oil filter. If you want details regarding your specific vehicle, it's highly recommended that you turn to your owner's manual. Read it thoroughly, since it is full of useful information that could make this process go over in a much smoother way.

Only Use the Best Motor Oil for Your Engine

Of course, before you begin the replacement process, you will need to acquire a top performing synthetic motor oil that can provide the lubrication and protection your engine requires. Neglecting this important step may mean that your vehicle will suffer more wear and damage than expected, which could render it useless much faster. To prevent that, only opt for the best motor oil in the market.

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Warm Up the Oil to Drain It Easily

As you know, oil is a thicker substance (especially once it has dirt and sludge in it). So, unless you want to wait a long time for all of it to drain out, it's a good idea that you turn on your vehicle for about 5 minutes beforehand. This will warm up the oil, which will give it a more fluid consistency. Be careful though, since warming up the oil too much can result in serious burns to your body.

Jack Up Your Vehicle Properly

To drain the old motor oil out of your vehicle, you need to take the engine plug off. The problem is that it is located under your vehicle. To access it effectively, you will need to jack up your vehicle. When you do, however, you need to be as cautious as possible, since a bad job can cause a terrible accident. To position the vehicle safely, jack it up through the jacking points, and use a jack stand to support it properly.

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Get Ready to Drain the Oil

We're getting closer to the draining of the oil. Before we get there, however, first you need to remove the oil fill cap. Then, you should locate the drain pan and drain plug. Finally, you should place the pan under the plug to catch the drained oil. If you need any assistance with these steps, use your owner's manual for specific instructions.

It's Time to Get the Old Motor Oil Out

To drain the oil, grab a wrench to remove the drain plug. Allow the old motor oil to fall into the pan (if you notice it's not catching it entirely, move it around so the oil doesn't spill everywhere). Once the old oil has been drained out, it's time to put the new oil plug into place and tighten it securely (don't use the wrench!). As for the pan filled with old oil, be sure to take it to an authorized drop-off center, so they can dispose of it properly.

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Replace the Oil Filter as Well

To perform this task, locate the old oil filter (again, your manual will likely have this information). Once you do, you will also need to place a drain pan under it, so the old, filthy oil doesn't mess up the ground you're working on. After you've removed the old filter and all of the nastiness has been drained, it's time to change it up for a new one. Position it correctly in place and tighten it as indicate in the manual.

Add the New and Fresh Motor Oil

Grab a clean funnel to pour the new motor oil into the fill hole. You should go about this little by little. Also, employ the dipstick test to determine when the oil has reached the desired levels. Once you're done, turn on your vehicle and run your engine for a few minutes. Doing so will help you notice if there are any oil leaks or related issues that you should tend to right away. It's also suggested that you note down the date of the replacement and how much oil you used for future reference.

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