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If you will be driving home for the holidays, you must be ready to face the challenges of the road ahead. To learn how to beat holiday traffic this season, read this post by John O Brown in Show Low.

Spending the holidays with family and friends makes this season one of people's favorite times of the year. And even though big social gatherings are limited this year because of the global pandemic, you can still choose to spend the days with your closest friends and family. If you will visit your people and you will be driving to your destination, you'll be facing other challenges. Not only is the road more dangerous because of the snowy conditions,  but there can be a lot of traffic because everybody may have the same holiday plans as you. To make sure you will reach your destination safely during the holiday season, follow the tips mentioned in the post below.

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How to Drive Home Safely during the Holiday Season

Keep a Well-Maintained Vehicle

Before you even think about hitting the road to begin your holiday break, guarantee that your vehicle will endure the ride. This, so you won't have a vehicular malfunction that could make your ride more challenging and dangerous. Take your vehicle to a mechanic and let them know about your upcoming drive. This way, they will evaluate your vehicle and provide the fixes it requires to get you to your destination and back, considering the challenges of the season.

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Start Your Drive Early

When you're planning your drive to your hometown and figuring out at what time you will begin, make it at the break of dawn. There are a few reasons to do this. For one, it will help you take full advantage of the sun, which will give you energy and will help light your way, even through the darker and shorter winter days. Moreover, starting early will help you drive more relaxed, without feeling stressed for time. Finally, it will help you get ahead of holiday traffic.

Drive for the Winter Weather

Driving during the winter weather comes with its fair share of challenges. The days are darker and shorter, the road may be covered in snow, and there can be a lot of holiday traffic. To stay safe, you need to adapt to these conditions:
  • always pay attention to the road
  • drive at a slower pace
  • keep a greater distance between yourself and the objects around you
  • drive with your lights turned on at all times
  • avoid going up or down a hill
  • keep blankets and extra jackets to stay warm in your vehicle

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Avoid Road Rage

It can happen to all of us. You may be driving down the road, eager to get to your destination and begin your holiday break, when all of a sudden, another vehicle cuts you off, and you lose it. While you may feel ready to honk at it, insult it, and go off on it, you should avoid road rage as much as possible. Being careless behind the wheel can only lead to trouble. Unless something major happens, try not to react. Keep a zen environment in your vehicle and focus on your own driving.

Rest When Needed

Lastly, as with any other road trip, you need to put your safety first. This means that even if it takes you a little longer, you should rest whenever you need it. Be it that you stop to stretch your legs or that you book a hotel room to spend the night, you should realize that it's far better to get to your destination later and safely than not getting there at all. Avoid drowsy driving, and you will have a merrier holiday season.

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