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It's no secret that your vehicle needs regular maintenance to stay in excellent condition. However, most drivers think that there's nothing to worry about while their car is running smoothly.That's why at John Brown AMSOIL in Show Low we prepared the following post containing some of the car maintenance mistakes that you shouldn't forget about.

Car Maintenance Mistakes

Ignoring Oil and Fluid Changes

It's crucial that you check your oil levels and condition on a regular basis, as it reduces friction in the moving parts of the engine and improves its cleansing. While coolant, transmission oil or brake fluid have longer life, you should also inspect them frequently and change them according to the maintenance schedule.

Tire Pressure

It's recommended that you check your tire pressure every time you fill the tank. This way your car handing and fuel economy won't be compromised. Keep in mind that tires will loose air over time and weather and sharp objects can speed this process.

Neglecting Warning Signs

Rattling noises, burning smells and smoke are some of the warning signs that you shouldn't neglect and mean that your car requires immediate attention. Also, make sure to get your car serviced when the engine light comes on. Your car is a precious asset and you have to perform simple and regular maintenance chores to extend its life and avoid costly repairs. Also, summer is almost over and if you are planning to take advantage of the last days of this season, be sure to read our guide to prepare your vehicle for a trip.

Synthetic Oil in Show Low

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