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Prepare Your Boat for the Summer

The summer season provides the perfect weather to take your boat out for a fun time. Now that the winter weather is fully gone, it's time to prepare your boat for the summer months. Don't take your boat out before performing some regular seasonal maintenance on it. JohnBrownAMSOIL in Navajo County, AZ has some simple suggestions to get your boat ready to go.

Take Care of Your Engine

Before you head out on your boat, make sure you inspect your engine and take care of any issues. Make sure your cooling system is ready to go and that your hoses are in good condition. Check for water leaks and make sure things are flowing properly. Check your oil and change it if necessary. Inspect the filters and decide if these need to be changed as well. Remember that a well taken care of engine will help ensure your safety while out on the water.

Check Your Battery

Make sure your battery is fully charged before taking your boat out for a spin. Inspect the cables and connections to make sure they're clean. If necessary, you can apply grease to areas in order to prevent corrosion.

Check Your Safety Gear

It is very important that your boat is equipped with safety gear for you and your passengers. Make sure your lights are working properly and that signaling devices are ready to be used. Your boat should have a well functioning fire extinguisher as well as a a carbon monoxide detector. Check your flotation devices and make sure they're working properly and can be used effectively in case of an emergency.

Check the Weather

Even in the summer, weather can be an enemy to a boating excursion. It does not take much rain or wind to ruin the day. Make sure to check the weather reports before you go. And if you see dark clouds, rough winds, or drop in temperature, call it a day.

Plan Ahead

Plan your route and schedule ahead of time and notify a family member or the staff at the marina. Your plan should include: contact info for the captain and all passengers, boat model and registration number, trip itinerary, and the communication equipment aboard your vessel.

Get Trained

Take a boating course. You do it for every other vehicle you drive, and you are guaranteed to learn something new. If you don't know how, learn to swim too.

Don't Drink & Boat

Arizona DUI laws apply to boating as well. You get drunk faster in the sun and wind, so save the alcohol for after the ride.

Skipper Needs His Gilligan

More than one person should know the boat's handling, operations, and safety rules. If something should happen to the captain, someone else should have the requisite skills to get the boat ashore.

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