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We all know that there are things we shouldn't do when driving. Still, it doesn't hurt to be reminded of them so we can stay safe on the road. To that end, read this post by John O Brown in Show Low.

There are things that we know are bad for us, but that we can't help but do them. For example, eating too much junk food, or drinking and smoking excessively are commonly regarded as bad habits, since they can have negative consequences on your health. Likewise, there are bad habits when it comes to driving. Practices people often engage in behind the wheel that can have dire effects if not corrected in time. These can put you and others in danger of being severely injured or mortally wounded. Needless to say, if you want to be a safe driver that arrives to their destination in one piece, you need to be able to identify your bad driving habits and put a stop to them. To help you out in this respect, this post will share a few of the most common bad driving habits people engage in.

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Bad Driving Habits to Avoid

Going Above the Speed Limit

First of all, it's this one bad habit that we've all been guilty of engaging in. Still, we need to understand that it's called a 'speed limit' for a reason, since it's meant to tell you the maximum speed at which you can go. Speed limits are set based on the roads condition, the surroundings, and other important factors, which means that you shouldn't ignore them. Furthermore, when you speed, you shorten your ability to react to the arising conditions of the road.

Neglecting Traffic Signs

Similarly to the point above, we've all ignored traffic signs at some point or another. Some people see them and think they're merely suggestions on how to drive, while others don't even notice they're there. But once again, not stopping where there's a sign, not yielding when indicating, not halting at a red light, and other similar indiscretions can have a really bad ending if you're not careful.

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Being Actively Reckless

We've all taken part in the bad habits mentioned above even thought we shouldn't have. And while they are bad, they're not actively trying to put you in dangerous situations. That's not the case for the daredevils out there who are seeking the thrill of having an accident. Actively reckless behavior, such as hitting the curb, slamming on the gas pedal and breaks, taking sharp turns, engaging in road rage, merging without looking, etc., is much more prone to lead to an accident, so don't do it.

Driving a Vehicle in Bad Shape

Sometimes, it can be hard to find the time, energy, and money to take your vehicle to the mechanic, but not doing so and still driving a vehicle that is in bad shape isn't the best. Technical malfunctions do happen (from flat tires, to overheated engines), and being on the road while they happen can put you and others in peril. To avoid that, make sure to take your vehicle in for routine inspections at least twice a year. Likewise, notice and address issues to guarantee your vehicle stays in top shape for longer.

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Not Paying Attention to the Road

Whatever takes your attention away from the road is an extremely bad habit that you should get rid of. If you text and drive, if you've driven when exhausted, if you've driven while high or drunk, or other similar activity, then you should just stop. You're not fit for driving under those conditions, you're  and you're engaging in an illegal exercise while doing so.

Not Being a Defensive Driver

Last but not least, if you don't practice defensive driving techniques, you should get rid of that bad habit right away. Defensive driving involves certain preventive measures meant to keep you as safe as possible (for example, allowing more space between you and the vehicles around you). Learn more about this, so you can start employing these techniques as you drive.

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