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Driving at night can bring with it a few different risks. In order to remain as safe as possible, read and follow the tips mentioned in this post by John O Brown in Flagstaff.

How to Stay Safe While Driving at Night

The National Safety Council states that even though we do only 1/4 of our driving at night, half of all traffic deaths happen at night. This is a scary statistic. However, being part of it can be avoided if you take certain safety measures to ensure you'll be as safe as possible while driving after nightfall. To learn what a few of these are, you can continue reading the post below.

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Make Sure You Can See

Needless to say, during the night, there's less light to allow you to notice the road and other vehicles properly, which is why you should take extra steps to ensure you'll be able to see while you drive. For example, if you need seeing glasses, make sure to wear them. Likewise, clean out your windshield. Finally, ensure your headlights work properly as they are crucial in order to see and be seen while on the road.

Use Your Lights Wisely

Once again, vision is of the utmost importance when you're driving, which is why you should learn to use the lights in your vehicle properly (especially while driving a night). This includes always keeping your headlights on and using your blinkers, hazard lights, and other similar tools whenever they're needed. Just be careful with your high beams: while they can illuminate the road before you better, they may also blind other drivers, so use them only when strictly necessary.

Don't Be Blinded By Lights

Just as you can blind other drivers with your bright lights, other drivers can blind you with their bright lights. If you don't want your vision to be compromised, there are two things you can do in those cases depending on where the light source is coming from. If the light is in front of you, don't look directly at it. Instead, look away at the luminous lines painted along the road. If the light is behind you, you can reduce the glare with help from a special setting in your rearview mirror.

Be Prepared

Driving at night can be intimidating at times. What's even more stressful, however, is having your vehicle break down at night. For that reason, it is important that you do a good job at maintaining your vehicle (with regular visits to the mechanic), and that you prepare your emergency tools in case something happens. To that end, have a charged phone, a spare tire, a jack, and other tools, in mint condition in your vehicle at all times.

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Slow Down

For some reason, drivers love to speed while they're driving at night. However, they should be doing the exact opposite of that! After all, when you drive at night, you aren't able to see the whole panorama properly, which means you may not be able to react accordingly to certain events. Going at a slower pace allows you to have more time to make better decisions while you're driving, which helps you be safer.

Be Even More Careful

Driving is a pretty dangerous activity when you think about it, which is why you should always be on high alert while you're doing it. However, as discussed a few times over in this post, driving at night can raise the stakes quite a bit, which means that you have to be even more careful than you normally are. This includes driving defensively, avoiding distractions, paying attention to the road, and utilizing a GPS if needed.

Rest When Needed

Finally, if you want to remain safe, you should avoid drowsy driving at all costs. As you may know, being tired can slow down your response, impair your judgement, numb your senses, and more. What's worse, is that you could actually fall asleep behind the wheel. To avoid those risks, be sure to rest whenever you feel necessary (you can stop or ask someone else to drive). As an extra tip try not to use sugary or caffeinated drinks to keep going, as this could backfire.

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