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Proper lubrication is essential to keep your vehicle in perfect shape. If you need guidance in this department, this post will share information to help you lubricate your vehicle effectively.

How to Lubricate the Different Components in Your Vehicle

Nobody wants a vehicle that's falling apart and that won't run as expected. Part of ensuring this doesn't happen to you is to provide the necessary maintenance for its different components, which includes lubricating them effectively whenever needed. If you want to keep your vehicle performing smoothly, but aren't sure of what types of lubricants it needs, this post can be your guide.

Motor Oil

Any mechanic will tell you that one of the most important maintenance tasks you should keep up with to ensure your vehicle runs perfectly for years to come, is the regular replacement of the motor oil. The motor oil, as you may know, is the one responsible for lubricating and protecting the moving parts in your engine. Without it, the friction that happens when they move would quickly wear them down and render your whole engine useless. Maintaining the motor oil (e.g. replacing it whenever it gets dirty, or when it's been over a year since its last change) with the best products in the market will not only allow you to keep your engine in mint condition for longer, but it will also smooth out its performance, meaning your vehicle will run better than ever.

To upkeep your engine properly, John O Brown in Flagstaff recommends using AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil.

Transmission Fluid

Aside from the engine, the transmission system is another integral part of your vehicle, which means that without it, you wouldn't be able to go anywhere on it. Considering this information, you'd surely want to extend its longevity as much as possible, right? If that's the case, you should know that it requires transmission fluid to function properly. Without it, you can bet its lifespan will shorten significantly, as it could fall victim to the friction that exists between its moving parts. A regular change of the transmission fluid can take care of the system, coating it with a protective layer, and enhancing its performance.

Brake Fluid

As you can probably tell by now, the main reason you use lubricants for your vehicle, is to decrease the negative effects that can take place from the constant brushing between moving parts. Well, this is also the case of the brake fluid. Lest you want to risk your safety and that of those around you due to worn down brakes, you must protect them with brake fluid. Again, said fluid will need to replaced regularly (though not as often as the motor oil). To keep your brakes in mint condition, refer to your owner's manual or to a professional mechanic.


The engine, the transmission system, and the brakes aren't the only parts that move around and could present premature wear and tear. On the contrary, there are many different parts that require lubrication in order to be maintained properly (for example, the wheel bearing and the chassis). While these don't have a "specific" lubricant, they do need to be greased up every once in awhile.

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Gear Lube

If your vehicle works extra hard or if you own heavy machinery, you may need to employ gear lube to keep it in perfect working shape. This is a higher viscosity oil that will fare better under the extreme heat conditions that occur within those systems. Something to keep in mind about it is that it has a very pungent sulfuric odor.

Penetration Lubricants

If what you need a lubricant for is to fix a one-time issue with your vehicle (for example, to loosen up a bolt that has gotten stuck due to rust), then you'll need a penetration lubricant. This isn't like the other lubes mentioned in this post, as it's not used to provide protection to your vehicle's components, rather to sink deep into a nook or cranny and provide momentary lubrication.

Dry Lubricants

Finally, we have dry lubricants. Much like the previous entry, these aren't meant to provide protection to any of your vehicle's components, but are used in places that don't allow regular, penetrating oils. You could employ it, for instance, if there were a problem with your door lock. Graphite and silicone are two of the most commonly used dry lubricants.

Remember that if you want a properly maintained engine, you can call John O Brown at (520) 444-2634 to purchase the best synthetic oil in Flagstaff.


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