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If you won't be using your motorcycle much during the colder months, it's best if you winterize it. Before you do, however, read this post by John O Brown in Show Low to learn to do it effectively. 

How to Winterize Your Motorcycle

Chilly winter winds aren't conducive to enjoyable motorcycle rides, since most people think that freezing over isn't that much fun. That's why many opt to avoid using their motorcycle altogether when the temperatures lower. However, to ensure the vehicle will be in top shape when spring rolls around again, you need to winterize it properly. If you'd like to know what that entails, continue reading this post.

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Keep the Fuel in Mind

Something you can't overlook when winterizing your motorcycle is its fuel. This is due to the fact that if you don't use up your fuel before storing the motorcycle away, it may go stale, which may severely damage the bike's components if you start using it again without changing the fuel. To prevent that dire situation, you have to first fill up the gas tank with new fuel before putting the bike away, and then add a fuel stabilizer to it to keep it in good shape come spring.

Care for the Battery

The battery in your motorcycle is another component that can be affected when in disuse for long periods of time. As you know, the battery is crucial for your motorcycle's proper functioning, which is why you should take a few steps to care for it while the motorcycle is resting. For instance, you should:
  • remove it from the motorcycle completely
  • find a clean, dry place to keep it in where it'll be protected from the elements
  •  Cycle World recommends acquiring a motorcycle-specific trickle charger with a monitor
  • you should use said trickle charger a few times to keep the battery charged during the winter

Change its Synthetic Oil and Filter

Your motorcycle should go through a synthetic oil and filter replacement a few times over the year (e.g. twice). So, since you're caring for it to guarantee it'll be functional for the hotter months, why not take care of this crucial maintenance task now? As you may be aware, the synthetic oil has the crucial job of protecting and lubricating the moving components in your motorcycle's engine, ensuring they work smoothly and that they won't waste away sooner than expected. But, after time and use, the oil and filter become filthy, which can damage the motorcycle. Change these up for new ones so you can put away a clean and protected motorcycle.

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Mind the Motorcycle's Other Fluids

We already established what you can do to guarantee that your motorcycle's synthetic oil will be in top shape for your upcoming spring rides. However, you should also keep the motorcycle's other fluids in mind, since the cold temperatures can actually cause them to freeze over. So, to prevent that, remember to check the anti-freeze before storing the motorcycle away. If during your inspection, you notice that it's low, or not in great condition, replace it or top it off.

Clean the Motorcycle Thoroughly

You may think that storing your motorcycle dirty won't make much of a difference. However, dirt, filth, and other gunk can eat away at it and may even interfere with its performance and lifespan. That's why you should clean it thoroughly before putting it away. Waxing it will also keep it from rusting while storage.

Store It Nicely

Last but not least, you need to pay mind to how you store the motorcycle during the winter if you want it to function perfectly after months of disuse. To that end, do the following:
  • keep it in a place where it will be protected from the elements (like a garage)
  • use a tarp to cover it from moisture, dirt, and bugs
  • block the exhaust pipes to keep small animals and bugs from making it their home
  • keep the bike on a stand to so its tires won't get flat or damaged

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