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The oil in your vehicle has the important job of keeping your engine in top working shape. However, in order to do so, it needs to be replaced every so often. If you're unsure of when you should be pouring new oil into your vehicle, the post below has some signs you should look out for.

How Often Should You Replace Your Synthetic Oil in Navajo County

You Haven't Replaced the Oil in Over 3,000 Miles

While synthetic oil is more resistant than conventional oil, it should still be replaced every so often. For instance, you should take care of this crucial maintenance task if you've driven more than 3,000 miles with the same oil, as this can impact its effectiveness. Something important to consider, though, is that the number of miles can vary depending on your vehicle, the condition it is in, and how you use it (for instance, if you drive through difficult terrains). For a bit of guidance in this department, we suggest that you visit a professional mechanic who can provide a more exact number.

It's Been More than a Year Since the Last Change

Even if you don't use your vehicle almost ever, the oil in it can also have an expiration date. That's why it's important to change it at least once a year. If you're having trouble recalling the last time you had a replacement, it's a good idea to start carrying a notebook with you so that you can write down the date of the replacement (as well as how many bottles of oil you used). This way, you'll be able to keep better track of the changes and provide your vehicle with more consistent maintenance.

The Previously Golden Color of the Oil Has Turned Black

If you've seen fresh oil before, then you know that it has a golden or light brown color to it. This means that it is clean and ready to protect your vehicle. However, if after doing a routine inspection, you notice that the oil is now a darker color, it's time to replace it with a new one. This is because black oil is dirty oil; i.e. the oil has gathered dust and other filth along the way. Not only does its color change, but its texture does too: it becomes rougher and gritty. Be warned: if you continue using dirty oil, it will cause damage to your engine and its components. If your oil is looking dirty and coarse, remember to contact John O Brown in Navajo County at (520) 444-2634 to acquire the most effective synthetic oil in the market (AMSOIL's synthetic oil in Navajo County), so you can ensure that your engine will be properly protected.

Your Engine is Running Low on Oil

One of the best things you can do for your vehicle is inspect its oil on a regular basis to ensure all is well with it. During those inspections, you should do the dipstick test to verify that the oil is at the required levels. If after doing it, you notice that the oil is above the higher mark, empty the tank a little bit so it doesn't overflow. If, however, the oil is below the desired level, you will need to top it off to guarantee your engine's protection. Keep in mind that if you have a lower oil level, you may want to look out for spills or leaks, and fix them promptly if you find them.

Your Vehicle is Doing Unusual Things

Your vehicle has a few telling signs that indicate that it's due a synthetic oil change. The most obvious one is that you see the "check engine" or "oil" signs in your dashboard light up. More often than not, replacing the oil will make those go away. Still, there are other indicators that you should pay attention to. For instance, if you notice that your engine has started to emit strange noises, or if you can feel that it's jumpier than usual, it may be that it just needs new oil. Nonetheless, you're strongly advised to take your vehicle to a mechanic for a professional assessment of its condition.  

Contact John O Brown to Acquire the Most Effective Synthetic Oil in Navajo County for Your Engine

Remember that John O Brown in Navajo County is an Authorized AMSOIL Dealer, which means that they can help you find the highest quality products to keep your vehicle in top working shape. Give them a call at (520) 444-2634 to learn more about the benefits that come from the continued use of AMSOIL products. Likewise, you have the option to visit their online store if you're ready to buy the best synthetic oil change in Navajo County!

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